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Friday Fun: A New Story!

After a long while of freelance writing, I finally wrote a story of my own again.

The shortest description would be: just some silly stuff. Including talk about weredogs, a list, and some dark humor.

It’s called Things That Make You Go Woof, and Medium states that you need just 2 minutes to read it. Since it’s on Medium, you can also clap (up to 50 times) to show your appreciation. Or comment on it. Or both. Or, you now, just read it and enjoy it. 🙂

P.S. The cute photo above was made by Jake Oates.

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Spider Romance!

spiderDoes “spider romance” sound weird to you?

Or like something you might want to experiment with?

Anyway, a friend of mine and a fellow author, Ivan Zoric, spread the word about a spider romance microfiction contest. And, I got an idea. I’m not usually one for writing romance, so this one turned out to be unusual (or, maybe, not so unusual for a website called The New Bizarro Author Series). I liked it, I submitted it, and now you can read my short short story (453 words) It’s Okay (click on the link, and you will find not only my story, but a bunch of others, too, as well as a spider romance haiku). If you like what you see, you can also check out the submissions from the previous weeks: week one, week two, and week three (that’s where Ivan’s story, Fade to Black, is). Romance (obviously), horror, sci-fi, occult, mythological, bizarro, coming of age, humor, a dark fairy tale… Whatever your preferred genre is, the chances are, you’ll find something you like among the stories.