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Friday Fun: Kitties!

Recently, I’ve managed to make a bunch of cat photos, especially black cat photos. We’ve got a few of them in the neighborhood, and one of them crossed my path today (must be great luck!).

Enjoy in the kitties!

Quiet, the cat is sleeping!
The cat is awake… Sort of.
Who are you?
Hey, keep the neighborhood clean for the kitties!
No, I don’t want to socialize. Go away.
Kitty and graffiti
Yes, I know I’m in the middle of the street. So?
Well, I’m not in the middle of the street.
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Friday Fun: Meet Lucas!

Have you seen Lucas the Spider yet? Yes, he’s a spider, but don’t be scared: he’s nice, and he’s super-cute. And his voice! Just listen to him! Seriously, listen! 🙂

Lucas the Spider is a series of short (20-30 seconds each), family-friendly animations featuring the cutest spider in the world. No offense to other spiders! Below you can see the ones I like best, and if you click here, you can see them all.




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Friday Fun: Snapchat-Instagram Silliness

What do you do with Instagram and Snapchat? Why, play with them, of course!

So, I’ve been playing with Snapchat Lenses, and then posting the results on Instagram.

In other words, I’ve made more selfies in the last two days than… Well, I’ve only made one selfie before, and that’s when I said that I was a half-blonde, and someone needed a clarification, so I took a selfie, and called it something like “mandatory crappy cell phone bathroom pic” (tells you what I think about it, doesn’t it?). But, hey, Snapchat Lenses made taking selfies fun, and who doesn’t like fun?

Here are some examples of what I did; you can find the rest here.

Snapchat-6758795275983586206 Snapchat-5697241491726628021 Snapchat-4385944495658201278 Snapchat-1883254122233809120 Snapchat-421868592113922670