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A Blonde Moment

A blonde moment...
A blonde moment…

I’m not sure how many of you give a darn, but here it is: I’ve spent about a month as a blonde (look in the Gallery to see what I usually look like — no, not the blue picture!). I like the colour. I think I might keep it for a while.

There have been plenty of comments, of course, ranging from people liking it to those who thought I looked like a Nazi (also those who thought I looked like a Nazi and liking it). No comment to the last one.

The funny thing is, although my hair is quite different from the usual colour, most of the time I forget that I’m a blonde now. Maybe it’s because I don’t look in the mirror all that often. Or because the hair colour is not one of my most frequent thoughts. *shrugs*

So, how do you like it?