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Experimenting with Videos

As you probably know if you’ve been following me for a while, I enjoy experimenting and learning new stuff. These days, I’m playing with Flixpress video templates; they’ve got some nice stuff even among the free ones, and so far, customizing them was pretty easy. They might turn out to be a useful promotional tool, and they’re definitely fun.

Take a look at what I’ve done so far!


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Friday Fun: Snapchat-Instagram Silliness

What do you do with Instagram and Snapchat? Why, play with them, of course!

So, I’ve been playing with Snapchat Lenses, and then posting the results on Instagram.

In other words, I’ve made more selfies in the last two days than… Well, I’ve only made one selfie before, and that’s when I said that I was a half-blonde, and someone needed a clarification, so I took a selfie, and called it something like “mandatory crappy cell phone bathroom pic” (tells you what I think about it, doesn’t it?). But, hey, Snapchat Lenses made taking selfies fun, and who doesn’t like fun?

Here are some examples of what I did; you can find the rest here.

Snapchat-6758795275983586206 Snapchat-5697241491726628021 Snapchat-4385944495658201278 Snapchat-1883254122233809120 Snapchat-421868592113922670

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The New Fencing Mask

My new fencing mask
My new fencing mask

I finally got my own fencing mask. If you’re taking fencing lessons, it’s perfectly fine if you use the school equipment, but it’s still recommended to purchase your own mask, for obvious reasons.

Before I got this one (that is, before the last night), I was using the school mask. What a difference!

If this mask looks bulky, it’s because it is — it’s certainly bulkier than the school mask. And heavier, too; SO tells me it’s heavier than a construction site helmet. Yikes! The wire on the mesh is more dense than on the school mask, making it harder to see properly, at least until you get used to it; last night, I was seeing double sometimes. The combination of the dense wire and the smell of the new made me a bit sick, too, which didn’t exactly help me train; I was more clumsy than my normal self, and managed to scare my partner a few times. The teacher tells me it’s all a normal reaction, I’ll just need a bit of time to get used to it. I hope I get used to it soon!

A few other people purchased new masks too, so we were comparing reactions; one girl told me she found it difficult to hear the teacher properly. Not much of a surprise, since the mask covers the ears, too. The teacher knows about it, of course, he’s been doing this for 30 years, so he speaks loudly when instructing us.

All in all, it’s an interesting new experience — a single change, and yet so many reactions coming from it.