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Waiting for the Spring

Like I said, I’m waiting for the warmer weather.

Today is pretty warm, but it looks like the temperature will drop again.

In other words, I’m waiting for the spring to finally come, and while I’m waiting, I’m taking some pretty pictures.

Have a look, and enjoy!




The dog is waiting, too!
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O, Green, Where Art Thou?

The trees should have been completely green by now...
The trees should have been completely green by now…


Less than 2 weeks ago, I said to SO that at this time of the year we should see more green when we look out of the window. He agreed.

It will be May in 10 days. All the trees you see in the pictures should have been lush green by now.

I miss green.


Come on, trees, be green...
Come on, trees, be green…