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Friday Fun: One Tree

This is an autumn post, but I forgot to publish it back then. Either way, it might be pretty/interesting to look at: one tree as it changes during the autumn, within just 12 days.

The first photo is the one above. It was taken on November 6th, 2019.

The very same tree, 3 days later:

The tree looks really pretty, doesn’t it?

And then, 9 days after that picture, or 12 after the first one:

Hey, where did all the leaves go?

Too gloomy? Or just natural?

If it’s too gloomy, here’s a cat to cheer you up:

Be nice, don’t wake the kitty!
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O, Green, Where Art Thou?

The trees should have been completely green by now...
The trees should have been completely green by now…


Less than 2 weeks ago, I said to SO that at this time of the year we should see more green when we look out of the window. He agreed.

It will be May in 10 days. All the trees you see in the pictures should have been lush green by now.

I miss green.


Come on, trees, be green...
Come on, trees, be green…