Look, It’s a Sock-Stealing Ocelot!

Ocelots are cute. Baby ocelots are even more cute; they’re basically kittens, just bigger, and looking slightly different.

And they play like kittens, too. Take a look!


Better Late Than Never, I Guess (Interesting Videos)

Every now and then, I run into something interesting that isn’t exactly brand new. Why hadn’t I noticed it before? I have no idea; I guess it’s because it’s not possible to notice everything, and there really are a lot of interesting/weird/unusual/bizarre things out there.

So, one example would be this video by Hooverphonic. I love the music, and the story of the video is… Funny would be one way to describe it; bizarre would be another. Take a look and see, and enjoy the music!

The other example would be Madonna’s Ghosttown. Not exactly an unknown artist, is she? And yet, I’ve discovered the video about… Less than a month ago, even though it showed up in April last year? Something like that. I love the visuals, stylish and post-apocalyptic at the same time (of course, that also makes it a bit silly, and then it’s combined with a serious message).

I hope you’ll enjoy both videos!


Hey, Come and Look at a Pretty Video!

I just found this, and I thought I’d share. Lovely song, beautiful video (there’s a brief scene of a mother breastfeeding her baby, so, if that upsets you, I guess you better not watch), and if you wish to read more about how this video came to be, and see some behind the scenes shots, you can do so here. Truly inspirational.

And now, here comes beauty. Enjoy!