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The Mandatory Snow Post

It’s December, and there’s snow. Surprise, surprise! 🙂

This is what it looks like around here.

At least the sky is clear.
At least the sky is clear.


Some people still haven’t dug out their cars.
There's sun, and there are shadows.
There’s sun, and there are shadows.

More sun and shadows.
More sun and shadows.



The playground.
The playground.
The snow is getting a bit heavy.
The snow is getting a bit heavy.


Is it snowing where you are?


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Winter Wonderland — with Pics!

The snow has been falling for a few days now; needless to say, it tends to make things difficult, especially if you actually have to go somewhere (say, to work, or to pay bills, or to purchase groceries….).

If you have a car, it might look like this:
It’s a car. Really!
Or like this:
You can’t just get in and drive.
If there’s sun, you might see something like this:
I’d say they meant to clear this up… Someday.
With no sun, it’s more like this:
Still looks fun to play in!
Or this:
The trees don’t seem very happy.
If you’re not driving, the path is on the right:
It’s trickier than it seems.
But before that: do you go left, or right?
Choose your path.
After that, there’s this:
Uneven and tricky — perfect for straining your ankle.
Fortunately, there are bars on the side. In situations like walking this, they’re very useful.
Just grab ’em.
Not everyone is unhappy with the snow. Some people really love it, if they don’t have to go far. Some kids and plenty of dogs are quite happy to play in the snow (because of the snow and the low temperatures situation, schools won’t be working this entire week). Cats don’t seem to mind the snow, either — the one on the picture below is as friendly and soft-furred as usual:
Pet me or I’ll bite!
How about you? Do you have problems with the winter and the snow?