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Tuesday News 18/02/2020

Just a quick one, since there’s not much to mention… Perhaps I could do weekly posts like this one.

Currently reading: iPhuck 10 by Victor Pelevin. Interesting so far, but for some reason, I’ve been unable to focus lately.

Recently read: Generation P by Victor Pelevin. One of his great old ones (pun intended).

Currently watching: switching between Locke and Key (not impressed, though I’ve expected worse, considering how many people are complaining) and the second season of The Magicians (so far, not as annoying as the first one).

Mostly working on: editing CatWriter’s Fiverr Adventures (I’ve recently moved that blog to WordPress, some things got lost in the migration, and now I’m taking care of those; plus there’s other editing to be done, and writing something new there wouldn’t be a bad idea, either).

The dog on the top of the post: just a cute dog from my building, to brighten up your day.

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Back to Work

I didn’t expect this…

I didn’t expect this.

What I expected was to go to Croatia and visit my family, and then to get back home, and back to work. But it turned out that SO got a vacation just when I got back, and since this time I didn’t have a deadline to finish the translation, it meant I could just relax with him. Which I, of course, did. And enjoyed it.

And now, I start working again, later than I expected. It feels a bit weird, both not working for so long, and then starting again. What also feels a bit weird is slipping into the old routine so easily (come to think of it, that’s what routines are for, you easily slip into them and get the work done without much fuss).

I’m not even sure what the point of this post is, other than me feeling slightly puzzled, and trying to figure it out. Does any of this – unexpectedness, not working for longer than you expected, and yet easily falling back into the routine – sounds familiar to you?

P.S. Hopefully, my next post will have more of a point – you’ll get to read some flash fiction. Stay tuned!

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I actually enjoy having a lot of work.

When it’s raining, it’s pouring.

Yesterday was my birthday. In the morning, I did the laundry. I spent the entire day translating, except for a pause to get some groceries and another to make a quick meal in a microwave.

At the end of the day, I was barely able to look, because of the all-day translating — and I guess it will be like that until I finish it, which will take some time.

I look tired and I feel tired and I can barely keep my eyes open, and yet, I’m not complaining. I can rant about having a lot to do (although I prefer actually doing it), but I don’t feel bad. I like being busy, and it’s not just because it pays the bills, and not even just because I enjoy translating this particular book; it’s because I enjoy being busy like this, it’s a challenge and it’s keeping me occupied and there’s this good feeling of accomplishing something worth accomplishing. Know the feeling?

Anyone else feeling this way when working?