About angel011 (Ivana Milaković)

A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Published two short story collections (one is a mixture of horror, fantasy, and fairy tales retold, Mačji snovi (Cat Dreams), and the other one is Smeh u travi (Laughter in the Grass), a collection of mostly fantasy stories about Others). Translated into Romanian. Working as a screenwriter, freelance writer, sometimes a translator and a documentalist. Cat lover, coffee and tea lover, HEMA fencer (might start doing yoga at some point again, too). Minimalist. Zen Lokean. INTJ. Wants to be a cat.

Where to find me

7 thoughts on “About angel011 (Ivana Milaković)

  1. “She’s been translated into Romanian. And tries to befriend every cat she sees.”
    Cats shall rule the world, obviously. :3

    Translated in my Language? I shall look those up, sounds interesting.


      1. Ah, thank you. I had to poke my mom off the keyboard to be able to read. XD I wonder if she would like to read it as well. I really enjoyed it. 🙂 Quite different from the same old elf stories with a wonderful style. Glad I read it.


  2. I can speak English in eleven different languages.

    Speaking of 11, is the ‘011’ following ‘angel’ a random number, or is there some sort of mystical connection with the number? I ask because the number eleven has always has deep significance for me.

    You are an incredible writer! Perhaps we’ll see you atop the Best Sellers List soon!


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