Monday News

No more whining about bronchitis, I feel better! I’m still coughing a bit, which is pretty normal after bronchitis, and that’s about it.

I was working a lot lately, but fortunately, not during the worst part of bronchitis, so it was only tiresome at times.

The weather has improved, I’m feeling better, and that means, among other things, books! I bought some new ones: some you can see on the top of the post, and some are below.


Some of the books are not in English; I’ll skip those.

As for the rest, on the picture directly above you can see the Serbian edition of Margaret Atwood’s Hag-Seed. I’ve read it recently, and I loved it: Shakespeare, The Tempest, theater, in part a story of vengeance, but in greater part, a story of finally letting go. Plus a bunch of prison inmates playing in The Tempest. Plus…a lot of things, really. If you love Shakespeare, or theater in general, or Margaret Atwood, go and read this one.

The first book on the upper picture is Go the Fuck to Sleep by Adam Mansbach. It’s a picture book, but, as you can see from the title, it’s not for children; it’s for their tired parents instead. It looks cute, it’s fun (yes, there’s swearing), and if you have ever had trouble convincing your little angel to go to sleep already, you might enjoy this one.

As for the rest of the books, I have yet to read them. They are: The Little Red Chairs by Edna O’Brien, How to Be Both by Ali Smith, A Hologram for the King by Dave Eggers, A Complicated Kindness by Miriam Toews, and Ripley Bogle by Robert McLiam Wilson. I don’t know much about any of them, but they were on sale (7 books for about $8), and I wanted to read The Little Red Chairs for a while (the Irish author got inspired by the Balkan wars), so I got them. Plus, I like random reads.

Have you read anything from this list? Do you have recommendations?


Nice People Are Nice

Random acts of kindness.

The kindness of strangers.

It’s wonderful, it lifts us up, and I’m pretty certain that it happens far more often than we mention it.

So, I’m mentioning it here.

Last night, on a forum, I mentioned that it looks like I’ve got bronchitis, and that I might be a bit grumpy because of that.

I didn’t expect anything. A few people to tell me to get well soon and send me good wishes, because, even though we don’t actually know each other, we’ve been talking to each other for a while, and it’s a nice thing to say.

And I did get those. I also got more.

One guy went to YouTube to look for something cute to cheer me up, and came back with this.

Another forum member, a woman, sent me the cute kitty picture you see above.

Like I said, we don’t really know each other. We talk to each other on the forum, mostly about work, and sometimes we share interesting stuff. We all protect our privacy, both because of the rules, and because we choose to. Obviously, there was nothing to gain from this. Just nice people being nice.

And their kindness should be mentioned, so I’m doing it.

A Brand New YouTube Channel!

I’ve mentioned that I’ve been playing with Flixpress videos. Well, I kept playing. I have customized a bunch of them (some were for work, and the rest of them were either for promoting my blogs, or whatever I felt like creating). Of course, all these videos needed a nice home, so I have created my very own angel011 channel. Check it out, if you wish, or take a look at the examples below.

If you see something you like, feel free to share! 🙂