Spider Romance!

spiderDoes “spider romance” sound weird to you?

Or like something you might want to experiment with?

Anyway, a friend of mine and a fellow author, Ivan Zoric, spread the word about a spider romance microfiction contest. And, I got an idea. I’m not usually one for writing romance, so this one turned out to be unusual (or, maybe, not so unusual for a website called The New Bizarro Author Series). I liked it, I submitted it, and now you can read my short short story (453 words) It’s Okay (click on the link, and you will find not only my story, but a bunch of others, too, as well as a spider romance haiku). If you like what you see, you can also check out the submissions from the previous weeks: week one, week two, and week three (that’s where Ivan’s story, Fade to Black, is). Romance (obviously), horror, sci-fi, occult, mythological, bizarro, coming of age, humor, a dark fairy tale… Whatever your preferred genre is, the chances are, you’ll find something you like among the stories.


Friday Fun: Snapchat-Instagram Silliness

What do you do with Instagram and Snapchat? Why, play with them, of course!

So, I’ve been playing with Snapchat Lenses, and then posting the results on Instagram.

In other words, I’ve made more selfies in the last two days than… Well, I’ve only made one selfie before, and that’s when I said that I was a half-blonde, and someone needed a clarification, so I took a selfie, and called it something like “mandatory crappy cell phone bathroom pic” (tells you what I think about it, doesn’t it?). But, hey, Snapchat Lenses made taking selfies fun, and who doesn’t like fun?

Here are some examples of what I did; you can find the rest here.

Snapchat-6758795275983586206 Snapchat-5697241491726628021 Snapchat-4385944495658201278 Snapchat-1883254122233809120 Snapchat-421868592113922670

A Bunch of News, and the First Known SF Drama in the World

So, where do I start?

This bunch of news from the title is, basically, me going a bit more modern. That is, I’ve changed the theme I’m using for A Kitty Dreaming About Wings because the old one was, although lovely, quite hostile to smartphones; it took forever to load, and once it did, the font was so small it was unreadable. So, there it is, a new, mobile-friendly theme.

Not related to the theme, but related to going a bit more modern, I’ve also opened Instagram and Snapchat (ivana.angel011) accounts, so please feel free to add me (well, unless you’re an axe-wielding murderer, or a stalker).

And now for something more exciting: did you know that the first SF drama in the world was written in Serbian? Unfortunately, it was only recently (127 years after it was written) translated into English; fortunately, it WAS translated into English, so, if you’re curious about it, go and read A Million Years After (the original title is Posle milijon godina) by Dragutin J. Ilić. It’s a surprisingly modern read; it’s also a PDF file, so you can download it for later reading. Enjoy!