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Friday Fun: One Tree

This is an autumn post, but I forgot to publish it back then. Either way, it might be pretty/interesting to look at: one tree as it changes during the autumn, within just 12 days.

The first photo is the one above. It was taken on November 6th, 2019.

The very same tree, 3 days later:

The tree looks really pretty, doesn’t it?

And then, 9 days after that picture, or 12 after the first one:

Hey, where did all the leaves go?

Too gloomy? Or just natural?

If it’s too gloomy, here’s a cat to cheer you up:

Be nice, don’t wake the kitty!
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Tuesday News 25/02/2020

Still not much to mention, so another quick one (that’s also letting me remember when I did what).

Currently reading: Collected Stories 2 by Vladimir Nabokov. Hey, it’s Nabokov, and he’s always good.

Recently read: iPhuck 10 by Victor Pelevin. It was a fun read. I’ve seen complaints about the last part, but I’ve enjoyed it as much as the rest of the book. Sure, I’ve enjoyed some of his other books more (Generation P, The Helmet of Horror (definitely my favorite!), Empire V…), but this one was good, too. Not exactly politically correct, but hey, it’s satire (and he did make fun of practically everyone and everything). If you like Pelevin’s books, you might like this one, too.

Currently watching: not in the mood for series or movies, though that might change in a few days, with the second season of Altered Carbon. Right now, though, I’m mostly watching courses.

Mostly working on: courses! And Catwriter’s Fiverr Adventures, but that’s not new, I’ve mentioned it last week. I’m trying to fill that one with content, and hopefully use that content again later.

As for courses, it’s both stuff for work and things I could use myself, like copywriting, personal branding, blog content strategy, creative writing… So far, the courses were good, informative, time-saving (I could find a lot of it for free, but if I can have it all in one place and systematized for $14, I see it as a good investment)…and teaching me I should be working a lot more, and giving me tons of ideas.

Oh, and I’ve ran into a gorgeous illustration that can be used for free, and I’m using it as my page cover (and as a featured image for this post, too). Isn’t it beautiful? Feel free to use it, or just enjoy looking at it!

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Friday Fun: Fencing!

Fencing is fun, have I mentioned that? Oh, yes, I have. It’s awesome, too. And one of the great things about fencing is that we keep learning new stuff.

For example, this year I’ve started learning the sword and cloak combo. The cloak (not a real cloak, though they do have the weight of a real one) can make you feel glamorous, or silly, or both, and it’s fun; plus it’s enough to learn just a bit to be able to use it. Of course, the more you know, the more fun you have.

Here’s what it looks like:

And that’s not all! I’ve also tried learning how to use a two-handed sword. It’s fun, too! Take a look!

Unfortunately, it turned out to be too heavy for me. I could train with it for a while, and I thought I was doing well and getting stronger. Well, I did get stronger, but my left wrist and my tendons disagree with this practice, so it will be back to sword and cloak (and, perhaps, sword and dagger from time to time).

It’s back to good stuff, so I’m not complaining. It’s still fun, and it’s still learning, and it’s still enjoying.

P.S. There I was, writing this post, sort of regretting not being able to continue with two-handed sword…and last night, I continued with it anyway. It looks like I don’t have to give up on it completely, I just need to train with it less often, and in the meantime, have fun with a sword (and, hopefully, a cloak) that’s not as heavy.