Monday News, 12/11/18

Still working (it’s a holiday today, though, so I’m getting some much-needed rest). I like what I’m doing, I just get tired.

I miss having more time to read, but I still manage to read a book or a comic or few.

I miss having more time to write (not that I was using it all that much, to be honest), but, hey, here’s what additionally brightened up this day for me: a story of mine, The Bread Hell and Other Stories, got published at Literally Literary. And if you’re wondering why I’m posting the same kitty picture again, it’s because that photo is one of the pictures in the story. And that cute cat is one of the characters.

So… Read it if you wish, I guess?

Have a lovely week, everyone!


Have Some Pretty Pictures!

As you know, I don’t really have much time these days, and when I do find some time, I try to read (I’ve recently read The Story of the Lost Child by Elena Ferrante and loved it). Still, I manage to take some pretty pictures from time to time, and it’s autumn, so, have some pretty autumn (and kitty! and dog!) pictures!







Sunday News, 26/8/18

Something unexpected happened.

I got a job.

I know, I know, people get jobs all the time, but it does feel big to us when it happens. Especially if you’re almost 42 and it’s your first 9-5 job.

It’s temporary for the time being, and so far, I seem to be doing fine (well, after the initial panic attack; you know, What am I doing? Will I be able to do it? I’m lost and confused, HELP!). I’ve survived my first week, and actually enjoyed it. Hopefully, I’ll keep enjoying being a documentalist at the Center for Studies in Cultural Development (sounds cool, doesn’t it?).

In other news, I published another article in The Writing Cooperative. It’s called Don’t Start with a Character Waking Up!, and it looks like it also made me a top Medium writer in the Humor category. Nice.

And the cat in the picture above? I wanted to take his photo, but he insisted on cuddles first before posing like that. Cats.

Well, that’s it for now. If I’m not around much, you know where I am. 🙂