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The Books I’ve Read In 2011

I tried to read 100 books in 2011, and failed; I only got to 78. Translating all day and recovering after the work is done seem to take their toll. Still, I did manage to read some really good books, and below are the seven that meant most to me, in no particular order. If I’ve written a review of the book, there’s a link to it.

Let the Right One In by John Ajvide Lindquist.

Zoo City by Lauren Beukes. If you wish for a book with a strong African female protagonist, this one would be a great choice.

The Woman In the Dunes by Kobo Abe. A surreal Japanese novel about the erosion of the mind and the spirit and the morality, an unusual love story, and a story of an unexpected enlightenment.

Dreamsongs: A Retrospective by G.R.R. Martin. A retrospective of a famous writer, starting with his early, not-so-good works, and following his career. A huge book mostly filled with compelling stories. After reading it, I came to the conclusion that his A Song For Lya is still one of the most beautiful stories ever, and that, as much as I find A Song of Ice and Fire fun, his science fiction Sandkings are much, much better.

Master of the Day of Judgement by Leo Perutz. This novel is from 1923, and on the surface, it’s your typical murder-in-the-locked-room story, with fantastical elements thrown in. It’s also a masterfully written novel, with the flawless rhythm and the fantastical images which stay with you long after you’ve finished it.

Dying Inside, by Robert Silverberg.

Old Masters by Thomas Benrhard. The old misanthrope at his best — and with the ending which will make you roar in laughter.

Overall, I did read some great books in the last year, I just hope I’ll be able to read even more.

Have you read something great?


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4 thoughts on “The Books I’ve Read In 2011

  1. Very interesting and varied list of books, must make a note, always a joy to discover new authors. Well done on making 78, I'm counting for the first time this year and being conservative with 52, one a week is enough pressure for me on the reading front.Thanks for visiting and commenting on my memorable reads for 2011 too.


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