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A Lovely Christmas Gift

Golden Petals -- a lovely Christmas gift.
Golden Petals — a lovely Christmas gift.

Recently I’ve checked out the local Crabtree & Evelyn brick-and-mortar store in Belgrade, and even though their products were pricey, couldn’t resist buying two of them: Golden Petals Silkening Body Nectar and Golden Petals Bubble Bath and Body Wash (you can look at the collection here).

As you know, I don’t usually write about cosmetics (except for A Cosmetics Appreciation Post), but these two products are simply wonderful — and they’re great for Christmas gifts, perhaps even something you’d give to yourself.

You can see on the picture what they look like. They both have the same fragrance: “An airy fragrance blend of greengage plum, tartly sweet berries, and rhubarb leaf drenched in sugar crystals, enhanced with notes of sheer florals and musk.”, as they say on their website. It’s pleasant, neither too strong nor too weak. The body wash is very soft, and so is the body lotion; the lotion also moisturises the skin (even in cold weather and even as dry as mine) — and it sparkles.

No, not like in Twilight. More discreet. Nobody will come to kill you if you sparkle like that in the daylight. Still, it’s visible enough, either for holidays or some other special occasion, or for the moments when you just feel like it. A lady is allowed to sparkle even if there’s no special reason for it, isn’t she?

So, if you’d like something nice for yourself, or something irresistible to give to a friend, sister, mother, cousin… This one would do really nice. It’s golden, it sparkles (well, the body wash doesn’t), it smells nice — a great gift for a special occasion, which is any occasion of your choosing.


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