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Happy Halloween, Stories, and an Invitation

Happy Halloween
Happy Halloween (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

On this lovely Halloween day, if you’re in the mood for a somewhat scary story, may I point you to Karen’s blog and my story Golden Eyes posted there two years ago? If you read it and like it and wish for more, well, look at the Short Stories, Totally Free link in the upper right corner — almost all of the stories there are scary in some way.

And, if you’re in the mood for some support, and if you’re on Facebook, I’ve recently started my own page, and likes (and comments, wishes, requests and so on) are greatly appreciated. Since the page is new, there isn’t much on it yet, mostly pictures from the Belgrade Book Fair (it’s that time of the year) and some cats; I intend to post stuff related to my writing and translating, and when there’s nothing important of the kind, to try and entertain you with cats. So, do you like me? 🙂

Have a wonderful Halloween!


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