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Just Some Birds Saying ‘Hello’

After the Book Fair and BeoKon, it happened. Not quite unexpected considering all the excitement and being busy combined with suddenly very cold weather, but I was hoping to avoid it. I didn’t. I got sick. A bug or something, not serious, but tiresome. I’d like to be able to breathe normally. I’d like for my temperature to get a bit lower, and for my brain to work a bit better. It will. After a while.

In the meantime, look at the cute birds. The weather is too cold to be pleasant for them, but they manage. The neighbor keeps scaring them away by banging on the windowsill (they’re apparently too noisy for the neighbor, not that I understand how banging on the windowsill is going to reduce the noise), but, once again, they manage. And they keep coming back. I’m glad they do.

So, look at the cute birds.


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