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Friday News 8/3/18

So, what’s new?

I’m still having fun at Medium. Fresh stuff I posted there includes:

“Where Do You Get Ideas?” Part I

“Where Do You Get Ideas?” Part II

A Great Thing Happened After My Story Got Rejected

Follow — Unfollow? No, Thanks

The Sleeping Beauty and Her Mother-In-Law

The first four are articles, the last one is a new story (inspired by the fairy tale, as you can see from the title).

I’m still playing at Unsplash, too. My submissions were accepted and are now searchable in their database. 22 photos so far, I’ll add more soon. Check them out (and use them if you like them!) here! Cats, dogs, sea, street art, sunsets, snow, fun stuff!

Recently, I’ve watched some TV series. Patrick Melrose was a pretty good drama, though Hugo Weaving manages to steal the show from Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays the main character. Don’t get me wrong, Cumberbatch is good, but Weaving made his highly abusive character both scary and charming at the same time. It’s not the kind of charming you’d enjoy, and yet, there you are, first feeling uneasy, then scared, then, possibly, terrified, but leaving isn’t as easy as one might think it is, and you’re still kind of drawn to that charm… Scary. And well done.

The Punisher was another interesting one, although they made it look more like a story about a guy suffering from PTSD and sometimes getting violent, than it is about, well, Punisher. While it was interesting to watch, I miss the Punisher who’s a psychopath going after the bad guys (hey, it’s fun to read about, and it’s a more interesting character study).

The fourth season of Black Mirror was a good one, too. Of course, not all the episodes are equally good, but the season does offer a variety of stories about the dark side of technology, humans being bad, humans being good, love, families, parenting, survival, vengeance, humans trying to fix a mess that is or isn’t their fault… Watch it, if you like.


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