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Tuesday News 31/03/2020

It stopped snowing days ago. It was warmer, now it’s a bit cold, it will be warm again.

COVID-19 is still getting worse. Slowly, but more people are dying. Numbers are still pretty low compared to other countries, though. Except that every number is a human being.

We don’t have water, and I have no idea when we’ll get it back. A valve in someone’s apartment broke, and now a quarter of the entire building doesn’t have water. When can they fix it during the pandemic and the chaos? No idea.

As if we needed more stress now.

Other than that?

I’m working a bit, and I’m still reading.

Currently reading: Eye of Cat by Roger Zelazny. The Cat is actually an alien, and not a cat. A very dangerous alien, a hunter who wants vengeance, and is likely to get it. It’s a fun book, it starts as a hunt after an alien (not Cat), you think the whole book is going to be like that, but then it turns into something else. I shouldn’t spoil it for you, though.

Recently read: some books by local authors (Tuđa kost by Sanja Savić and Ustoličenje jarca by Tihana Tica), and a graphic novel Atentat – S one strane patnje by Boris Stanić and Guido van Hegel (it’s about the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria, the first of its kind in Serbia).

Currently watching: still nothing.

Currently working on: orders from clients, when I get them, and going through my TBR pile.

Well, that’s it for today, except that, as I was writing this, we got water back. I hope it will stay that way.


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