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Tuesday News 21/04/2020

Warmer weather is here, the 84-hour curfew is over. The regular 17h-5h curfew (when did such a thing become regular?) got a bit shorter, from 18h to 5h.

It still feels like the officials have no idea what they’re doing. There will be summer school, there won’t be summer school, they plan to slowly open some businesses (understandable if we’re talking about economics, but I won’t be visiting my hairdresser anytime soon, it will be too risky; I got my hair cut at home), the elderly are now allowed to go for a short walk thrice a week…

Still chaotic. Still annoying.

Current mood:

And other than that?

Working, no longer stocking up on necessities, reading…

Currently reading: The Satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie. I’ve just started, so I can’t say much about it.

Recently read: House of X/Powers of X by Jonathan Hickman. Marvel’s alternate timelines are not my cup of tea, but this one was well done.

Also recently read: Black Mother Earth by Kristian Novak. Excellent author, excellent book about a pathological liar who can’t remember his own childhood…and then he starts remembering, and… Not an easy read, but a great book.

I’ve also read some Serbian comics, a Serbian avant-garde novel,  The Wages of Fear by Georges Arnaud (about guys driving trucks full of nitroglycerine and hoping they don’t explode), and Le mauvais demiurge by Emil Cioran (great essays and thoughts if you’re in a dark or sarcastic mood).

Currently watching: other than a course on designing landing pages, nothing.

Currently working on: work for pay, when I get it, plus some blogs (working on them or planning to work on them).

That’s it for today, hopefully it won’t be 2 weeks before the next one.

And hopefully I’ll stop feeling so tired all the time.


A writer, a reader, a dreamer. Dreaming myself into existence.

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