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Tuesday News 12/05/2020

The state of emergency is over.

The curfew is no more.

People are mostly behaving as if the pandemic is over, or as if an amulet in the shape of a mask below their nose or under their chin is going to protect them. No distancing. No brain.

Oh well, we’ll see where it gets us.

Current mood, sort of, kinda…

Other than that, it’s the usual, writing for clients, blogging, thinking about losing weight, reading… And, another story of mine, Sestrice se smeju (The Little Sisters Are Laughing) now exists in audio form, thanks to Priče za svaku noć, Relja Antonić, and Miloš Petrik (with special effects by the young Adam Petrik).

Currently reading: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. I’m not re-reading it; even though it’s a classic and some friends of mine fell in love with that book when we were kids, I’m only reading it now.

I should have read it back then. Say, when I was 9. I would’ve enjoyed it a lot more. I mean, I do smile from time to time while reading it, and I do wish the girls well even when they’re annoying, but that preaching tone almost makes me roll my eyes. Yes, yes, it was very important when it was written, and introduced some new stuff, and people can still love it, and I still don’t like preaching.

Also, perhaps it wasn’t a good idea to star reading it after reading Cormac McCarthy.

Recently read: Suttree by Cormac McCarthy. Maybe a little less brutal than his other books… Oh, scratch that. It’s just as brutal, it’s just longer. Some find it more humorous than his other books; I didn’t find it humorous at all, but there was some gentleness, sort of, that I haven’t seen in his other works, not like that. I’ve enjoyed fragmented and sprawling structure and the flashbacks; some call the book Faulknerian. I thought of Bukowski, sometimes, with all the drunkards, but the characters here were much weirder, and Bukowski is never brutal like this.

I liked the book. Reading Cormac McCarthy never seems to be the wrong choice.

Currently watching: still nothing.

Currently working on: work for clients. And going through my TBR pile. And trying to get enough sleep. And failing miserably with the last one. What can I say, the crisis isn’t over yet.

Anyway, that’s all for today, see you next time!


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