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Better Late Than Never, I Guess (Interesting Videos)

Every now and then, I run into something interesting that isn’t exactly brand new. Why hadn’t I noticed it before? I have no idea; I guess it’s because it’s not possible to notice everything, and there really are a lot of interesting/weird/unusual/bizarre things out there.

So, one example would be this video by Hooverphonic. I love the music, and the story of the video is… Funny would be one way to describe it; bizarre would be another. Take a look and see, and enjoy the music!

The other example would be Madonna’s Ghosttown. Not exactly an unknown artist, is she? And yet, I’ve discovered the video about… Less than a month ago, even though it showed up in April last year? Something like that. I love the visuals, stylish and post-apocalyptic at the same time (of course, that also makes it a bit silly, and then it’s combined with a serious message).

I hope you’ll enjoy both videos!



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