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Age Is a Funny Thing

Old enough for work?

Some people keep talking about their age, or about the age of others. For some reason, age doesn’t seem to be in my thoughts. Oh, I’ll mention it, when people mistake me for a schoolkid (what school are you going to, not going to school, why not, I’m a bit too old for that, oh, how old are you, oh, would you look at that, blah blah blah), but I don’t actually think about it, my responses are pretty much automatic. Sometimes they are polite, and sometimes I growl at people, when they think I’m a kid and therefore they can pet me like they would pet a dog.

I’m aware how old I am, it’s just something that I don’t think about, except for this one time.

It was several years ago, and I was getting my hair cut. I was chatting with the hairdresser, an 18-year-old girl, and at some point, I thought to myself: Darn, someone ten years younger than me is old enough to have a full-time job!

It puzzled me. It’s not that I was unaware I was 28 at the time — I knew what year I was born, and I also knew what year it was, so it was obvious how old I was — it’s just that I was so used to think of myself as a kid that the thought of someone 10 years younger being old enough for a job was surprising.

After the initial surprise, of course, I went on with doing what I was usually doing — writing, reading, playing with our lazy cat, spending time with SO. My mother tries to remind me of my age and keeps telling me I should be doing this or that, but hey, she’s been doing it all my life, so it’s not like I’m going to feel any different because of that.

How about you? How do you feel about your age (or anyone else’s), and do you even think about it?


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8 thoughts on “Age Is a Funny Thing

  1. I was filling out medical forms yesterday and I paused when I got to my age. I never think about how old I am. Then when I do think about it, it’s always and Uhh kind of feeling.


  2. I think about how old I am usually when having reason to ponder the ages of my daughters. It is incredible to me — my baby girls are now four grown women! Then I think .. wow! If they’re that old, then I …. oh my! How did I get here so fast? It just always amazes me because often I don’t feel any older than my two oldest daughters, and before I got my hair cut (it was long to the middle of my back) I was often mistaken as one of their sisters. Yes, age is a funny thing.


    1. I remember some of my much younger cousins being born, they were young enough to be my kids, and they are now starting to have kids of their own. And yet I don’t feel any different then i felt when they were just babies.


  3. I stopped taking numbers at 28 because of an on-going premonition I would die before I was 35 – a FALLING death. I lived in Ohio. Where was I going to fall from? Husband was transferred to CA when I was 26. My first flight! Started me thinking! Well, that was my 28th birthday present to myself, “stop taking numbers,” and it’s one of the best and healthiest things I’ve ever done. I am not attached to a number and I never will be. The govt and my doctor know it, but friends and family have gone along with my conviction. Now they regret they never tried it. I don’t like being put in “a box” because of a number. We’re all UNIQUE. Whether we think about it or not, we unconsciously judge a person by their number. Think about it. What purpose does it have other than herd us in a certain group. The saying, Don’t judge a book by it’s cover runs along the line…

    Wow! Did I go off on a tangent. Sorry, guys. I’ve been in the process of self-publishing my memoir for way too long, and I’ve missed “talking with others.”


    1. No problem, and thanks for dropping by!
      As for being put in a box, people often try to do it, usually based on a tiny thing that is certainly not ALL who you are.


  4. Ok, I have been crazy about knowing what age I am since I was 23-25, because for two full years I was stuck on 23, every paper I filled out (and there was quite a few at that time) I wrote I was 23. Until one day a nurse asked me, how I managed to avoid time for two years. I was so confused, ever since then I tripple check what my age is on every paper I fill out. Good Luck.


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